Paper Submission Policy for SIGHCI Conference/Workshop Organizers

Conference/workshop organizers, including conference/workshop chairs and program chairs, may submit papers to the SIGHCI sponsored conference/workshop that they are organizing. The review process for such submissions, however, must be managed and completed by independent parties. For example, if one of the program chairs for a conference submits a paper to this same conference, then the review process for this paper must be managed completely by another program chair or a conference chair.

Papers submitted by conference/workshop organizers may be nominated for a best paper award for that same conference/workshop, assuming that the same independent review process described above is followed. Such papers, however, cannot receive the best paper award for the conference/workshop. Thus, papers submitted by conference/workshop chairs and program chairs may receive best paper nominations for that conference/workshop, but must be excluded from consideration for the best paper award and the final best paper selection process for that conference.

Conference/workshop organizers are eligible to receive best paper awards from other SIGHCI sponsored conferences/workshops that they are not organizing. For example, the conference chair for the HCI track at AMCIS is eligible to receive a best paper award from the SIGHCI Pre-ICIS Workshop.

Fast-Tracking Policy for Editors of SIGHCI Sponsored Special Journal Issues

The papers of conference/workshop organizers, including conference/workshop chairs and program chairs, may be fast-tracked for special issues of journals associated with the conference/workshop. Conference/workshop organizers cannot, however, serve as guest editors for a special issue of journal associated with the conference/workshop when their own papers have been selected for fast-tracking to this journal. In other words, the guest editors of a SIGHCI sponsored special journal issue cannot have their own papers fast-tracked to this same special journal issue.

Best Paper Award Recipients Policy

No authors can receive a best paper award at the same conference/workshop more than once in three consecutive years. For example, if an author receives a best paper award at the Pre-ICIS workshop, then this individual cannot receive this award at the Pre-ICIS workshop for the next two years. This individual could, however, receive a best paper award at a different SIGHCI sponsored conference/workshop, such as the HCI track at AMCIS within the same three year period.

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