AMCIS 2011: HCI Track with 7 Minitracks

Track Chairs:

Paul Lowry, Brigham Young University, 
Andrew Burton Jones, University of British Columbia

Track Description:

Human‐computer interaction (HCI) is an interdisciplinary area that has attracted researchers, educators, and practitioners from several disciplines. It essentially deals with the design, evaluation, adoption, and use of information technology, with a common focus on improved user performance and experience. New and exciting research opportunities are emerging, including issues and challenges concerning people’s interactions with various information technologies that can be examined from an organizational, managerial, psychological, social, or cultural perspective. This track welcomes papers that aim at advancing our understanding of human‐computer interaction at an individual, work group, organization, or society level. Papers may use any type of research methods.


Trust in Information Systems
Interface, Design, Usability, Evaluation, and Impact
Negative Cognition About IS
Design Considerations for IT Security and Privacy Management
New Venues for Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC)
Design, Evaluation, and Implications of Social Networking Applications
Personalization Technologies and Impacts

Research papers in HCI track can be accessed from here.

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