HCII 2015: 2nd HCIB Conference

HCIB 2015, 2nd International Conference on HCI in Business @

HCI International Conference 2015

August 2-7, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Program Chairs:

Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA
Chuan-Hoo Tan, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

In today’s new economy and global business, information technologies serve as the foundation for the design, improvement and maintenance of business processes and play a fundamental role in enabling organisations to meet their strategic goals and driving innovation. Organisations such as multinationals, banks, insurance companies, ministries, hospitals, travel companies and webstores are critically dependent on their information systems. In this context, both professionals’ and customers’ interaction with information technologies is of paramount importance for successful development.

This new affiliated conference to HCI International 2014 addresses all aspects of interacting with technology in the business environment, including topics related to electronic and mobile commerce, enterprise systems, accounting and finance systems, marketing and management.

Indicative topics/keywords of the broad spectrum of issues to be addressed:

  • 3D web and virtual worlds
  • Analytics and Visualization
  • B2B, B2C, C2C O2O
  • Business applications for home/leisure context
  • Business dashboards
  • Computer-supported collaboration and decision making
  • E-leadership
  • Electronic, mobile and ubiquitous commerce
  • Gamification in business
  • Information systems in human resource, accounting, finance, enterprise, healthcare, supply chain, and marketplace
  • Kinetic and gesture based interaction
  • Multi-dimensional information visualizations
  • Negotiation and auction
  • Open innovation
  • Pervasive computing
  • Social media for business
  • Social and collaborative shopping in e-commerce
  • Surface computing, gesture-based computing and multi-touch interaction
  • Technology and branding
  • Technology and gender
  • Voice and conversational interaction

Board Members

  • Andreas Auinger, Upper Austria – University of Applied Sciences, Austria
  • Michel Avital, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Hock Chuan Chan, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Patrick Chau, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Constantinos K. Coursaris, Michigan State University, United States
  • Soussan Djamasbi, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States
  • Brenda Eschenbrenner, University of Nebraska at Kearney, United States
  • Ann L. Fruhling, University of Nebraska at Omaha, United States
  • Nobuyuki Fukawa, Missouri University of Science and Technology, United States
  • Jei Mein Goh, IE Business School, Spain
  • Richard Hall, Missouri University of Science and Technology, United States
  • Khaled Hassanein, McMaster University, Canada
  • Milena Head, McMaster University, Canada
  • Susanna (Shuk Ying) Ho, Australian National University, Australia
  • Jack Zhenhui Jiang, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Yi-Cheng Ku, Providence University, Taiwan
  • Roderick L. Lee, Penn State University, United States
  • Honglei Li, Northumbria University, United Kingdom
  • Yan Li, Essec Business School, France
  • Eleanor T. Loiacono, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States
  • Mei Lu, INTEL Corporation, United States
  • Robbie Nakatsu, Loyola Marymount University, United States
  • David Chee Wei Phang, Fudan University, P.R. China
  • Robin Suzanne Poston, University of Memphis, United States
  • Lingyun Qiu, Peking University, P.R. China
  • Rene Riedl, University of Applied Sciences, Austria
  • April Savoy, Indiana University East, United States
  • Norman Shaw, Ryerson University, Canada
  • Choong Ling Sia, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Juliana Sutanto, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  • Chee-Wee Tan, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Horst Treiblmaier, WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
  • Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen, Aalto University, Finland
  • Dezhi Wu, Southern Utah University, United States
  • I-Chin Wu, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
  • Cheng Yi, Tsinghua University, P.R. China
  • Dezhi Yin, University of Missouri, United States

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